I'm Tracy product designer 🎀

Guided by empathy with a background in Psychology and research, I am dedicated to crafting innovative solutions and creating seamlessly, beautiful experiences.

Throughout my professional journey, I cultivated valuable healthcare and research expertise. However, this revealed a passion for seamlessly blending analytical skills and problem solving with creativity. This naturally led me to explore user experience, where I leverage my interdisciplinary background to empathize with users, pinpoint frustrations, and craft human-centric designs.


✈️ Travel

After graduating, I finally carved out time for traveling. I fell in love with the immersive experience of different cultures and the endless learning opportunities that unfolded during each trip. From endless nights planning and organizing these journeys, to just hopping on a flight and making it happen. Being able to visit new sites, try new foods, and just submerse myself into new places is always a highlight when looking back at memories!

🎀 Creative self-care

In my free time, I love getting creative. Right now, I'm into bullet journaling and experimenting with various forms of painting. I enjoy a good creative process, especially the outcome when I get to see my effort come to life.

🐾 Maki

Meet Maki! She's not just a puppy; she's my pride and joy. Embracing the daily adventures of being Maki's human is a responsibility that challenges me, makes me laugh, and adds so much excitement to life. I love nothing more than being her hooman!